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The team at CLS has been involved in the commercial and residential development sector for over five decades. Our expertise gives us a clear perspective on how different parts of a project can fit together in an ideal world and our experience means we can quickly spot where projects might be moving off course.


A network of contacts

We work on projects across the southern and central regions of England and have an established network of senior level contacts with local authorities, government agencies, registered providers, developers, landowners and agents.

This gives us access to several perspectives and different types of expertise that can help keep a project moving forward smoothly. Our aim is to maximise the value of the land being used.

Bringing innovative strategies

Changes in scope and timescales are always a possibility as a project evolves, but we use our project management knowledge to maintain a firm grasp on the details. The way that we structure our project plans means that they can flex as a development’s evolution requires, reducing the risk of a project being delayed or even derailed entirely.

Underscoring our commitment to efficient management of a project, our corporate membership of the Association for Project Management (APM) gives us access to up-to-date concepts, techniques and strategies. We employ these to help our clients unlock the full potential of their land and avoid issues that can reduce a project’s value.

Land development is a process that lends its self efficient project management techniques, and our APM membership is a key part of our commitment to open communication about a project’s progress with our clients and other stakeholders.

Using our experience

The combined industry experience of the Directors is over 50 years and the team includes experienced project managers and land and planning directors that understand both the high-level challenges that can arise during a development and on the ground issues that can occur on a day-to-day basis.

Roles previously held by the Directors include Land and Planning Director, Group Managing Director of a major housebuilder, and also ongoing appointment as a Judge for the NHBC ‘Pride in the Job’ awards.

This is a business that we are enjoying building, and our growing reputation is testament to our success. Bringing new and innovative approaches that help our clients maximise the potential value of their land and their projects is what keeps driving us forward.

If you’d like to discuss how we can support your project, please contact us at info@catalystlandsolutions.co.uk.