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CLS offers three main services: land search and sale, project management and development consultancy.

Our services give us perspective right across a project. Having a single point of contact also gives local authorities the confidence to support developments as they move from inception to completion.

We assemble, co-ordinate and manage multi-disciplinary teams and external stakeholders including local authorities, elected members, communities and landowners. We recognise and respect the fact that everyone has different targets and definitions of success but our primary focus is on making sure that our clients’ assets deliver the best value.

Land Search
And Sale

We connect landowners with investors and developers to bring developments to life and unlock land’s potential.

Project Management


Our rigorous yet flexible project management structure ensure that our clients’ projects progress efficiently.

Development Consultancy

Development Consultancy

Our expertise, experience and network of contacts gives us the ability to help our clients navigate through challenges to maximise project value.

We work with you

One of the best ways of maximising value is to ensure developments progress smoothly and efficiently. We keep projects moving forward efficiently by communicating transparently with all stakeholders as required.

We have several different client types, including owner occupiers, institutional investors and individual landowners that are not based in the region where the land is located. We also work with people or organisations that are looking to find land either to build or manage a portfolio or that have a specific project in mind.

No matter what their perspective, we help our clients unlock the land’s potential. It can be a complex process, but our comprehensive services make it as smooth as possible.

We help clients with land search and sale, project management and development consultancy. If you would like to discuss our services, please contact us info@catalystlandsolutions.co.uk.