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Ensuring that developments move efficiently from the conceptual stage though the planning phase, to the active phase and ultimately to delivery, means working in partnership with local authorities and a variety of other stakeholders. In our roles as land development consultants and development land and planning consultants. We help ensure that projects are clearly communicated and regulations and requirements adhered to.

The way that we are using land in the UK is changing. There is a lot of demand for residential developments of all sizes and types, but this brings with it parallel requirements for services such as schools and doctors surgeries.

Planning these into a project can help reduce the community and local authority concerns about the suitability of a residential project in a specific area. These concerns need be to taken into consideration without taking away from the ultimate value of the land to the landowner or the economic viability of a project or the developer.

Understanding changing needs

Alongside the demand for residential housing, the way that we are shopping is changing. The rise of the internet has created a need to develop land for distribution centres up and down the country that can support efficient supply chains, create jobs and keep the economy moving. These centres need to be created in areas where there is good access to the national transport network, but again, local authorities and community opinions need to be considered if a project is going to proceed as hoped.

We work with several clients as a land development consultant, offering an in-depth understanding of the planning legislation. We use our knowledge to ensure a project reaches delivery efficiently so that values are maximised.

If you would like to discuss how our development land and planning consultants can help you, please contact us at info@catalystlandsolutions.co.uk