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Affordable housing has been very high on the political agenda for the last few years. There has been a recognition that there must be adequate housing for those in society that are most in need. Our affordable housing services help developers get the right balance.

Balancing the needs of society with the requirement to deliver financially viable residential projects can be delicate. We take a pragmatic, open approach to the process, offering affordable housing services that help ensure that our clients understand and meet their obligations without jeopardising a project’s economic viability.

We also help stakeholders such as local communities recognise the steps that we are taking to ensure that any development that takes place enhances their neighbourhoods. These can be delicate negotiations, but our experience as stakeholder engagement consultants puts us in a strong position to ensure that they are handled sensitively.

A fast-moving part of the sector

There is currently a great deal of focus on the affordable housing sector, and expectations and requirements are changing regularly. We keep track of the changes and talk to our clients about how their projects could be effected by current and future legislative changes.

We support our clients with affordable housing services and advice, explaining expectations and nuances of the existing and emerging rules so that they can deliver economically viable developments that have a benefit for society as a whole while ensuring that value is maximised. Furthermore, the various tenues available in relation to affordable housing can have a dramatic positive effect on a project’s viability.