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Planning applications can be a complicated process and take a great deal of expertise to navigate efficiently without adding significantly to the cost of a project. We offer both planning application guidance and appeal guidance and can help clients understand cost awards in planning appeals.

We guide clients through the planning application process to ensure that it is as smooth and as efficient as possible. Each delay in the planning phase of a process can have wider ramifications for the economic viability of a project. This is not only in terms of the time that’s put into the application itself but also factors such as changing timescales meaning that development teams or potentially finance are no-longer available.

Managing the project

Our experience and knowledge of project management mean that we can help clients navigate the planning application process even as requirements evolve. Our planning application guidance provides clear timelines and project plans so that there is transparency across a development. This helps all stakeholders understand where the process is and when the next part of the project will commence.

Additionally, we can offer planning appeal guidance. An appeal can add costs and time to a development, but with a clear project viability assessment in place and an understanding of the appeal process, knowing when an appeal is worth pursuing becomes a simpler decision. This is particularly applicable when there is the potential for cost awards in planning appeals, where one party to an appeal may have to pay another party’s costs due to unreasonable behaviour.

A clear understanding of planning applications and clear planning appeal guidance can help ensure that a project gets into its active development phase smoothly or is not pursued beyond viability. We use our knowledge and experience to help clients with all aspects of the planning process including cost awards in planning appeals.