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Our land development services help search and sale projects proceed with sensitivity, discretion and a keen eye on economic viability.

When land changes purpose it can have an impact on a local community, and projects tend to move forward more smoothly with their support.

Our expertise means that we can help landowners and developers with the acquisition, disposal or change of use of land. We also lead land search and site identification projects and maintain an extensive list of land that is currently available for a variety of development types.

Helping respond to the demand for housing

Over the last decade, governments and local authorities have repeatedly voiced concern about the levels of available housing across the UK, with particular focus on the southern and central regions of England.

Residential development projects must be handled sensitively, however. People on all sides of the discussion use our land development services to ensure that we get the housing that we need ensuring the social and economic benefits are deliverable and measurable.

…and the changing ways we shop

At the same time, the types of retail and commercial development required have changed and is likely to keep changing as our economy evolves.

The internet has created new ways to shop and larger, technologically advanced warehouses are needed to meet the demand. The rules regarding the development of these sites are as complicated as residential rules. Stringent controls on access for lorries and noise for nearby residents must be considered, for example.

Our experience and knowledge lets us help our clients understand what is required and how it can be achieved it while delivering an economically viable project.

We bring together landowners with developers to ensure that the right projects go ahead in the areas where they are needed.

If you are looking to acquire or dispose of land, or would like to discuss how our land development services can help you with potential change of use or land search and identification projects, please contact info@catalystlandsolutions.co.uk.