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Finding the right land can be a time consuming and complicated process. Our land acquisition services help.

Our land acquisition services bring together our experience within a reliable, ever expanding network of established contacts that we have developed across England’s southern and central regions, the Midlands and South Yorkshire.

We have a deep knowledge of where land could be available and have the sensitivity to know the most appropriate ways to open a discussion, and then negotiate, with the existing landowner.

Relationships and timing

One of the key factors in a successful land acquisition project is having the relationships that will bring together all parties within a transaction.

Timing is another critical factor. With the demand for appropriate development land currently very high, it’s crucial that people that are selling land are identified and negotiations opened quickly to give a project the best opportunity of going ahead.

Our relationships across the southern and central regions of England mean that we can identify and negotiate with landowners that may not have not yet identified the potential of their land and may even have not put their land on the market, helping buyers acquire the land they need with as little fuss as possible.

If you would like to discuss our land development services, info@catalystlandsolutions.co.uk. To see a list of land that we currently have available in our portfolio, click on button below. Our confidential off-market portfolio is available for discussion.