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Change of use planning does not need to slow down or divert a project if timescales and expectations are managed effectively.

Our team has a great deal of experience of working with local authorities on behalf of developers and landowners. We ensure that projects are not held up unnecessarily at the planning stage, even as regulations and requirements evolve.

Change of use planning projects can involve negotiations with several stakeholders beyond the landowner, including tenants, and the local authorities. Neighbouring communities and business also have opinions that need to be considered and dealt with sensitively if a project is to proceed.

Transparent dialogue

Our experience in dealing openly with everyone that has a relevant potential interest in a project means that we know how to negotiate efficiently and effectively. Developments can be significantly slowed down by objections, but our transparent and open approach can reduce the possibility of this occurring.

We always try to make sure that there is a dialogue and an open communication channel between everyone with an interest in the use of a specific tract or parcels of land. Working this way can reduce some of the tensions that can arise as the result of change of use planning proposals and help projects move forward.