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Land disposal can sometimes be a simple economic decision, but it can also involve complicated emotions reflecting a family’s history and place in the local community.

We take a great deal of pride in the sensitivity with which we approach land disposal, respecting the land’s heritage while at the same time helping landowners maximise the value they get from it.

Our knowledge and experience helps clients get the best value for their land when they make the decision to dispose of it. We have relationships with all kinds of potential owners and buyers and can make sure that when land changes hands, it is done in a way that helps both buyer and seller.

Making sure it’s done right

We also have experience of the legislative framework that surrounds land disposal. This means that we can help clients make a clean break through their land sale, rather than have them run the risk of unexpected future liabilities that can arise if the correct procedures are not followed.

The advice and approaches that regulators and local authorities take change regularly. We keep abreast of developments so that land disposal projects are completed simply and cleanly.