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Our knowledge and experience can make land search projects quicker and more efficient, reducing the time between a need being identified, an opportunity being secured, a project getting underway and a development being delivered.

We are sensitive to community concerns and have relationships with landowners across southern England, the Midlands and South Yorkshire. This means that we can help investors and developers find appropriate land that can form the basis of a viable project.

Different places, different people, different priorities

An effective land search needs to take more than just geography into account. Local authorities differ in how receptive they are to different project types and some communities are more vocal in their opposition to developments.

Community objections may not be based on simple factors such as worry about the disruption that a development could cause. It could be that they have just been through a separate development process nearby or that they have just fought a protracted battle to halt a project.

Either way, communities need to be treated with sensitivity and their longer-term experience needs to be considered if they are going to be approached in a way that makes a positive outcome more likely.

Our knowledge of sites and effective community engagement across the southern and central regions of England, and the local challenges that have faced different types of development can help reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a land search and identify a genuinely appropriate site for different types of development.