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Land development management can be complicated, involving input from landowners, developers, local authorities, communities and a variety of other interested parties.

The number of different people involved in a development project means that it lends itself to disciplined land development management. Everyone involved, whether they are the landowners, the developers, consultants, local authorities or even the communities, needs to be kept informed about each stage of a development. In many cases, keeping a project moving forward relies on different stakeholders completing their actions at the right time in the right order.

Reduce delays and avoid tensions

There are complex inter-relationships between individuals, companies, communities and local authorities. Planning procedures, processes and compliance with regulations often need to be completed simultaneously through the effective delivery of several interlinked work streams.

Any tensions between stakeholders or failure to complete the right part of the process in the right way at the right time, can slow down a project and compromise the chances of success. Each delay reduces its ultimate profitability.

As land development project management consultants, we understand the processes that need to be followed, and the order that they need to be followed in, to complete projects efficiently. Unforeseen events and delays are sometimes inevitable, but efficient and open land development management can help ensure that these are addressed and overcome in an efficient manner to protect values even when delays are protracted.