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Meticulous land and property project planning and the flexibility and experience to amend a plan as circumstances change are two key factors in delivering a successful development.

Our experience in land and property project planning, coupled with our project management expertise, mean that we implement responsive plans that give everyone involved a realistic understanding of the steps they need to take and the probable timescales for completion.

From the outside, a land and property development project can seem simple. You start with a piece of land and you end with a commercial or residential development. There are a lot of steps, big and small, that need to be completed in between however. Effective project planning at the outset can reduce the possibility of the kinds of surprises that knock a project off course and over budget and potentially unviable.

Planning with flexibility

Our experience with projects of all sizes across Southern England, the Midlands and South Yorkshire, coupled with our membership of the Association for Project Management (APM), the largest professional body in the United Kingdom, gives us a unique perspective.

Identifying timelines with our clients is one of the very first actions that we take when we join a project. Once these are in place, we develop a comprehensive project plan that makes it clear to different stakeholders what they need to complete when.

Using the knowledge that we have developed through our relationship with the APM, we also make sure that our project planning is flexible enough to evolve as requirements change.

Our land and property project planning approach gives us the clarity to keep everyone involved in a project informed about progress, reducing the risk of tension, maintaining efficiency and maximising the potential returns.